Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Stereotype and Representation

Stereotype: A stereotype is an over-simplified representation of people, places or issues giving a narrow set of attributes. Stereotypes frequently thought to be entirely negative but this is not necessarily the case.

Sometimes stereotypes are demonstrated at their most exaggerated form through comedy.
Although this can sometimes be contentious, for the purposes of understanding some of the over-simplified features of the groups of people you may be asked to write about in the unseen clip I have included clips below.
Please note that you will NOT be given a comedy clip in the exam. Humour might be used but this is different from comedy.   
list some of the stereotypical characteristics the comedians have focussed on:

Regional Identity

Class and Status

Famous clip illustrating class divides

Ethnicity: This is ironic look at how some British people behaved in Indian restaurants

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