Sunday, 5 December 2010

Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell interviews

Below is the transcript of last years interview between Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell.
Further down is the interviews to view again. They are a source of material to quote from in your exam response.

Piers Morgan Life Stories Simon Cowell

Part 1: 4 mins: 10 secs;
Average, mass market; simple tastes

Part 2:
3 mins: 33 secs; Tom Meane of Kasabian;
Quote: ‘pop moguls like Simon Cowell take people then distroy them’.

In this section Piers Morgan discusses with Simon Cowell the accusation that shows like the X factor build people up then knock them down.

10 mins: 32 secs; Sting;
Quote: ‘The X Factor is a preposterous show and you have judges who have no recognisable talent apart from advising on self promotion and deciding what to wear and how to look. It is appalling’.

Simon Cowell
Quote: ‘well first of all, anybody who at the age of sixty calls himself ‘Sting’ is an idiot’.

I find those kind of people who live in mansions. Who come from humble beginnings and they’re living in these stately homes professing to know everything about everything in the world and what the contestants may or may not feel, they can say that because they’ve got everything they want in their lives, but what they’re really saying is anybody else who needs a shot shouldn’t be allowed to do it.’

Part 3:

BMG Robson and Jerome
8 mins: 48 secs;

Quote: Krissi Murison Editor of NME;

‘The first the world heard of Simon Cowell was when he launched the likes of Zig and Zag and Robson and Jerome. This man should not be choosing who gets a record deal and who doesn’t. The more he steps away from music the better the world would be.’

Pete Waterman; Music Producer:

So many people are snobby about music and Simon isn’t snobby and that’s what I love about Simon’.

‘ He rules with a rod of iron. People don’t realise how tough Simon is to please.’

Part 4: 8.00 mins;
Pop Idol

Part 5: from the start:
Quote: Krissi Murison Editor of NME:

‘I would describe it like watching populist drivel that glamourises Karaoke and tries to pass it off as music’.

Piers Morgan to Simon cowell  in defence of the show “20 million viewers disagree’.

A couple from Essex launched a web campaign for ‘Rage against the machine’ helped to promote it to the xmas N0. 1 spot, Joe McElderry reached N0.2

Quote: Krissi Murison Editor of NME:

‘This campaign and the song they chose very succinctly say we are fed up with being spoon fed watered down crap year after year’.

Piers Morgan admits to laughing out loud. Simon Cowell admitted to enjoying the process even though he was annoyed at first.

Simon Cowell’s response to the comments from Krissi Murison Editor of NME:

‘Where I have problem with people like that is that they sneer at what normal people like. It’s like food critics, my believe is it’s like when you make TV shows if you want to eat fish and chips and baked beans on toast, compared to cavar which I loathe, it is absolutely no difference but people like that would like to create a sort of taste police force with people going into their homes and sneering at what they like. That’s why I always say they’re not critising me they’re sneering at the people who buy my records or watch my TV shows and I don’t like that’.
If they were running entertainment in this country it would be the most boring place in the world bar none.’ 

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